BSSA Grand Slam Sunday 26th June 2022 – Results

Initial indications were that the entries for this meeting would be fairly low; therefore it was decided to amalgamate the entries into a single class and run two parallel competitions: one based on straight gun score the second based on the MacRae handicap system. To ensure the prizes were distributed widely, competitors could only win one prize, with the Gun Score contest taking priority.

In the event, a number of locals who were participating in the Dewar Trials at the Appleton Range on the Saturday and were therefore doubtful if they could also make an appearance at Bedford on the Sunday, were able to attend; making a reasonably healthy field of 16 prone and 4 benchrest shooters.

The weather forecast was for sunny intervals and a ‘fresh breeze’; the latter appears to be a bit of a misnomer, meaning a wind of 19-24 mph (Wind Force 5) in which ‘Small trees in leaf begin to sway’. Judging by the ‘sway’ of the larger trees neighbouring the range the gusts were somewhat stronger. The wind flags were as helpful as usual, appearing to be randomly pointing in any and all directions. The challenge of the conditions resulted in no ‘possibles’ being achieved and only four ’99s’ at 100 yds.

The winners were:

Grand Slam (60 @ 100 yd) Gun Score Competition

Gun Score
M Dixon 583
J Duguid 581

Grand Slam (60 @ 100 yd) MacRae Handicap Competition

Average Gun Score Macrae Score
T Stevens 92.3 563 600.191
D Swain 94.6 572 600.128

Benchrest (60 @100 yds) Gun Score only

Gun Score
K Sheead 589 8x
A Campbell 574 7x

Optional Shoot (40 @ 50m) Gun Score Competition

Gun Score
N Day 392
M Dixon 389

Optional Shoot (40 @ 50m) MacRae Handicap Competition

Average Gun Score Macrae Score
Mrs S Day 95.5 386 400.190
E Haigh 96.2 388 400.176

Full results may be found here.

The mysteries of the MacRae handicap system are explained here.

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