New Range

Following the closure of Thorn Range in March 2017, the BSSA had been working with Central Bedfordshire Council to relocate to new facilities.

As a result the BSSA submitted a planning application for a Council owned site just outside the village of Streatley, north of Luton on the A6.

As proposed the complex would have provided 3 ranges, 25 yd, 50 metre and 100 yds, each with 24 firing points, indoor 25 yd  and 10 metre air gun ranges and an IPAS area. In addition to the ranges there would also be a Club room with kitchen and ‘classroom’.

Unfortunately, despite having been consulted throughout the development of the design, once the plans had been submitted various Departments within the the Council raised insurmountable objections. The planning application therefore had to be withdrawn.

A similar fate befell a second site, near Langford, in the north of the county.

Currently the Council have no suitable sites within their land portfolio, therefore the replacement range project has, for the moment, stalled.

Donations of a suitable plot of land, of about 10 acres, distant from any noise sensitive neighbours and in the south of the county would be appreciated.