County Championships 9th June 2024

The Long Range (50m & 100 yards) element of the Bedfordshire County Championships were held at the Bedford range on Sunday the 9th June. A cold, overcast day with a wind that was variable in both strength and direction.

Since the closure of the Thorn Range in 2016, the Short range element of the Championship has been shot on a ‘postal’ basis at the club’s home  ranges in the month preceding the Long Range match.

Detailed results of the 2024 County Championships are available here.
The winners table is:-

Short Range
First Second Third
Class A Cudmore Geer Cup Jim Duguid Wendy Foith Giles Haley
Class B W E Greenwood Cup Terry Stevens Tracey Beadle Sam Bradfield
Class C Bradford Cup Mick Shaw Dave White Teegan Austin
Ladies D A Bell Cup Wendy
Tracey Beadle Teegan Austin
Juniors Lansdowne Cup Teegan Austin Oscar Oliver Josh Knights
Veterans Tracey Beadle Steve Beadle Dave White
Super- Veterans Jim Duguid Colin Stone Terry Stevens
Team Lord Luke Shield Bedford Ex-Waterlow Vauxhall
Long Range
Class A Ind. Championship Cup Wendy Foith Jim Duguid Colin Stone
Class B The Bedford Shield Tracey Beadle
Class C J L Dickinson Cup Tunja Stone Dave White Craig Walker
Ladies B A Cox Plate Wendy
Tracey Beadle
Juniors NSRA Golden Jubilee Trophy No contest
Veterans Veterans Shield Steve Beadle Tracey Beadle Dave White
Super – Veterans Jim Duguid Colin Stone
Team Bernard Cudmore Cup Ex-Waterlow
Club Team of Three
(One each from Class A, B & C)
Garrett Cup Ex-Waterlow
County Champion C L Fryer Memorial Trophy Wendy Foith Jim Duguid Giles Haley
Champion of Champions Wendy Foith
Veterans Veterans Shield Steve Beadle Tracey Beadle Dave White
Super Veterans Peter Brind’s Super Veterans Trophy Jim Duguid Colin Stone


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