BSSA 800 Sunday 25th September 2022 – Results

In view of the reduced entry Classes B & C were combined and the scores based on the MacRae handicap system; whilst Classes X and A stayed as a straight gun score competition.

The weather was relatively benign, with sunny intervals and a light wind,  so for once the wind flags had little to do. Despite the apparently favourable conditions, there was just one ‘possible’ achieved and that was at 100 yds.

The winners were:

BSSA 800 (80 @ 50m)

X Class

Gun Score
N J Day 784
J Duguid 784 (countback)

A Class

Gun Score
Mrs S Day 773
C Stone 773 (lost on countback)

Classes B & C  Combined

Average Gun Score MacRae Score
P Robinson 87.0 743 800.443
I Abbots 88.0 741 800.378


Gun Score
K Sheead 786 6x

Optional Shoot (50 @ 100 yds) 

Class X

Gun Score
J Duguid 490
Mrs W Foith 486

Class A

Gun Score
Mrs S Day 479
C Stone 479 (lost on countback)

Classes B & C Combined

Average Gun Score MacRae Score
Ms M Popham 92.0 476 400.372
P Robinson 87.0 458 400.338

Full results may be found here.

The mysteries of the MacRae handicap system are explained here.

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