Six Counties Match 24th April 2022

The Six Counties Match is an annual shoulder-to-shoulder match featuring teams from the six counties that make up the Eastern Region: Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk & Suffolk.

The Counties take turns to organiser the match and, in times past, each County would host the match at its County Range. Unfortunately, in the current era, the only range in the Eastern Region large enough to hold this event is the Doug Mottram Range at Yaxley (Norman Cross), which is run by Cambridgeshire.  This year’s event was therefore organised by Bedfordshire but hosted by Cambridgeshire.

Usually the current format is for each County to be represented by two teams of eight (A & B). The A teams compete for the  Eastern Region Team Trophy; whilst the B teams compete for the appropriately named B Team Cup. Each competitor shooting a double-Dewar course (40 shots at 50m, 40 shots at 100yds).

In deference to Covid-19, to reduce the numbers at the gathering, this years event was reduced to the A teams only. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, Hertfordshire could not raise a team. In addition, Suffolk had two team members withdraw at the last moment and hence were reduced to a team of six. The contest was therefore amended to take the best 6 scores for each team.

The day proved sunny and dry, but the Met office ‘moderate breeze’ was both chilly and unpredictable, both in strength and direction. Tight groups were therefore in unusually short supply, there were just two ‘tons’ scored, both at 50m and both by Mrs WF of Bedfordshire. The spread in the fall of  shot did however make the scorers task somewhat easier than normal.

Despite the weather, the contest was close at the top, with Cambridgeshire and Essex both amassing totals of 4509 (out of a possible 4800). The tie was decided on the better scores at 100yds, giving the following result:


 50m Agg. Score 

100 yd Agg. Score 


(Best 6 Ex 2400)

(Best 6 Ex 2400)

(Ex 4800)





















The medal for the best individual score was won by Ms VM, of Norfolk, with a score of 758 ex 800 (Note. This medal can only be one once by any individual).

Full results may be found here.

Next years event will be organised by Suffolk, with Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and Norfolk following.

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