Frostbite League – Round 6 (Final)

Round 6 of the Frostbite League was shot on the 13 February.  The weather stay dry for most of the shoot, but there was an annoying wind fishtailing down (across and up) the range.  Results were:





1. Cards 1 & 2 First Mrs S Day 5 0
Second S Webb 5 1
2. Cards 3, 4 & 5 First D Swain 3 2
Second A Lee 6 3
2. Cards 6, 7 & 8 First C Stone 4 2
Second Mrs W Foith 2 2

League Result
The overall league position in each class is determined by the aggregate handicap score from the competitors best five rounds. The Class winners were:

A Class: Neil Day
B Class: Mrs Susan Day
C Class: No award – no competitor completed five rounds.

Full results for the league may be found here. (Note: The sole Benchrest shooter was participating as a ‘test event’ and was not an official part of the league. It is the BSSA aspiration to offer full benchrest participation in the 2022/23 league).

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