English Match Results 17th March 2019

There was a good turnout for the first outdoor open of the year, with 39 competitors for the English Match.  Numbers for the optional shoot were slightly lower, with 17 competing. This was due to a number of competitors having attended an Eastern Region Training morning and therefore not having time to compete in both shoots. Due to the lower entry expected, the optional competition was run as a single class with the scoring based on the MacRae handicap system, using the scores from the English Match as the average.

March winds, with a sporadic mix of rain and occasional hail, provided challenging conditions for most of the day.
English Match prize winners were:


X Class A Class B Class C Class Prize
D Swain 586 E Haigh 585 D Frogett 578 T Luscombe 560 £15
N J Day 584 T Shipman 578 R Grice 571 Miss M Popham 559 £10
Mrs W Foith 584 Ms J Newing 576 K McCamley 565 SC Walker 554 £5
Mrs P Simmons 584 G Haley 571 M Shaw 564 L Barr 546 £5
L Collins 561 S Bradfield (Jun) 542 £5

All prizes were in cash.
Optional 40 Shot Competition prize winners were:

Average Gun Score Macrae Score
R Grice 95.2 391 400.481
N J Day 97.3 395 400.453
Mrs S Day 95.2 389 400.387
C Walker 92.3 380 400.329
M Dowe 97.0 392 400.286

All prizes were in wine.

Full results for both competitions may be found here:


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