Frostbite League 2017/2018

The BSSA Frostbite League concluded with the sixth and final shoot on the 25th February.

The league consists of six rounds, shot shoulder-to-shoulder, on Sunday mornings between November and February.
Each round is 80 shots to count, at either 50m or 100yds. The first detail of each shoot is 20 shots to count with unlimited sighters; the second and third details are 30 shots to count with no sighters allowed.
Each competitor is allocated a target score (start) to achieve on each card, with handicap points added for each point the gun score is away (above or below) from this target, eg start of 5, gun score 8 is a handicap score of 3. The exception is scoring a ‘possible’ will result in a handicap score of 0, irrespective of the start. The start is based on the each competitors long range average.

Within each round there are prizes for the lowest aggregate score in each detail.

In addition at the halfway stage there are prizes in each class for the lowest aggregate score from the best 2 scores in rounds 1 to 3 and at the final round there are trophies and BSSA gold medals in each class for the lowest aggregate score from the best 5 scores in rounds 1 to 6.

Results of the league may be found here.

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