Thorn 800 Results

Prize winners at the Thorn 800 were:

X Class A Class B Class C Class Prize
K Bowley 784 J V Kirkham 784 G Hider 756 P Robinson 750 £15
J Duguid 781 Mrs J Nicholl 778 S Stolarski 749 A Wilson 743 £10
Miss J P Baker 778 S Beadle 747 S Potts 739 £5
C Stone 776 K Sharp 740 Mrs Shaw 733 £5
Mrs T Beadle 775 £5

All prizes were in Bedford Target Supplies Vouchers.

Optional 40 Shot Competition prize winners were:

X Class A Class B Class C Class
K Bowley 488 S Webb 481 G Hider 474 M Shaw 466
Mrs J Nicholl 479 S Stolarski 467 A Wilson 450
J V Kirkham 476

All prizes were in wine.

Full results for both competitions may be found here.

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