BSSA Frostbite League 2023/4 Round 3

A mild, damp and dull day for Round 3 of 2023/24 Frostbite League, though the rain, for the most part, held off until the shooting had been completed (but not the packing up).

As usual, Round 3 incorporates the Christmas shoot, five shots in two minutes, with the aim being to miss the elves (-25 points) who are busy decorating the Christmas tree and, if you’re feeling lucky, hit the star (+25 points).  For the benchrest competitors the challenge was greater, as they had to shoot at a reversed target. The winning score was +55 and the lowest -70; someway short of the current record of -92.

Results for the day’s serious competition were:





1. Cards 1 & 2 First C Stone 5 0
Second N Day 4 0
2. Cards 3, 4 & 5 First K Sheead 4 1
Second S Webb 6 2
3. Cards 6, 7 & 8 First Mrs S Day 6 0
Second Ms M Poham 6 0

Round 3 also sees the Half-Way prizes in each class, these are based on the best two 0f the three rounds shot thus far. Winners were:





A N Day 4 7
B Mrs S Day 6 8
C I Abbots 9 35
BR K Sheead 2 21

Full results may be found here.

Round 4 (100yds) of the Frostbite League will take place on the 7th January. The forecast suggests that this could be a mild, wet day, with a bit of wind to contend with.
There may be couple of spare spaces on the firing point, so if you would like to participate please contact Steve Beadle, 07720 677456.

The next BSSA Open meeting is the Indoor Meeting, offering competitions for prone rifle, benchrest rifle and airgun (pistol & rifle) to be held on the 13/14th January 2024 (note this is two weeks earlier than usual). Details of this competition, including entry forms,  are available here.

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