BSSA Frostbite League 2022/3 Round 6 (Final)

For the 6th and final round of the BSSA Frostbite League the weather returned to being unseasonably mild, dry but overcast. The wind flags were redundant, hanging lifeless for the first two details and only occasionally managing a listless flutter during the third. The favourable condition allowed for six ‘possibles’ from the prone contingent; though these were all achieved during the first two details, so maybe there was a bit more wind than the flags appeared to be indicating during the third.

Winners of the day’s competitions were:





1. Cards 1 & 2 First J Duguid 3 0
Second Mrs W Foith 2 0
2. Cards 3, 4 & 5 First Mrs W Foith 2 1
Second Mrs T Beadle 6 2
3. Cards 6, 7 & 8 First Mrs S Day 6 1
Second A Campbell 3 1

League Result
The overall league position in each class is determined by the aggregate handicap score from the competitors best five rounds. The Class winners, who received a BSSA Gold Medal and will hold the trophy for a year, were:






A Mrs W Foith 2 25 Scratch Shield
B Mrs S Day 6 35 Panther Trophy
C I Abbots 8 93 Frostbite 2nd Division Cup
BR K Sheead 2 18 TBA

A summary of the league results may be found here.

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