BSSA Frostbite League 2022/3 Round 4

As we set up range for round 4 it was relatively mild, 7°C, sunny and still. By the time the first detail started a chaotic wind had arrived and the flags were flying in all directions (a scene not help by the excessive number of wind flags which have been deployed to deter the Badgers from rooting up the range floor – they are about as effective in that role as they are in indicating the wind to the shooter); it remained sunny. By the second detail started the sun had disappeared, leaving a grey sky. Luckily, throughout the shoot the wind was so chaotic that it appeared to be having little effect on the fall of shot.

Winners of the day’s competitions were:





1. Cards 1 & 2 First Mrs S Day 6 1
Second J Duguid 3 1
2. Cards 3, 4 & 5 First S Webb 6 1
Second K Sheead 3 2
3. Cards 6, 7 & 8 First Ms M Popham 6 3
Second (C/back) J Dalley 6 3

Round 5 (50m) of the Frostbite League will take place on the 22nd January.
The forecast suggests that this should be another mild day, with a moderate breeze.
There is a slim chance that it may be possible to enter on the day, but please check with the organiser Steve Beadle, (Email:, Tel: 07720 677456) before travelling.

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