BSSA Frostbite League 2022/3 Round 2

Round 2 of the Frostbite League was shot in relatively mild, sunny and still conditions. Light conditions proved tricky, with many complaining of difficulty discerning the shot holes, which could appear and disappear as the light changed.

The regular organiser had been granted medical leave but the substitutes appeared to be coping well – until it came to the results. After a couple of mis-cues prizes were awarded, but a post-event review revealed an error in the positions for Competition 1; therefore, two first places in this competition have been awarded.





1. Cards 1 & 2 First S Bradfield 7 1
Mrs S Day 6 1
Second N Day 2 1
2. Cards 3, 4 & 5 First Mrs T Beadle 6 0
Second N Day 2 1
3. Cards 6, 7 & 8 First Mrs T Beadle 6 1
Second C Stone 5 1

Round 3 (50m) of the Frostbite League will take place on the 4th December and this will also include the Christmas fun shoot. Competitors wishing to take part in the fun shoot should bring a wrapped prize, to a value of about £5 is recommended.
The forecast suggests that this should be another mild day, with a gentle breeze.
There is a slim chance that it may be possible to enter on the day, but please check with the organiser Steve Beadle, (Email:, Tel: 07720 677456) before travelling.

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